We are about to end a year full of surprises, and you want to start the next one by renovating most of your life, including your home. However, between the countless Christmas gifts and the classic New Year’s Eve trip, you were left with little cash to carry out this renovation. So, here the question arises, how to decorate your house without spending a lot of money ? is it possible? Yes, it is. You just have to read these simple tips, and you will understand that it is enough to make a few small and significant changes to make your home look brand new.

1.- Seek to assemble geometric figures

This is one of the simplest ways to give a feeling of order to any space. Although some of the things do not combine with others of different geometric shapes, give it a try, and the result will surprise you.

This tip is more used in the kitchen because that is where you find objects of different sizes and shapes.

Likewise, we recommend that you read our tips for organizing your kitchen without drawers and tidy up this space even if you don’t have enough furniture. You can buy a board for your utensils, locate shelves on your wall or simply use a rolling cart of the theme you like and locate on it what you use the most when cooking to be able to have it in hand.

2.- Color code

This is the funniest advice we can give you, I assure you. Have a good time selecting your belongings by color and organizing them accordingly. This is even more fun if you apply it to the chaos you have inside your closet. In addition, this will help you choose your clothes more quickly and thus not clash with your outfit.

3.- Don’t keep what you don’t need

According to experts, one of the first things you should pay attention to when you want to redecorate your home is your belongings. You must examine and evaluate what things really serve you, or you only have them out of emotional or financial attachment. So, if you do not know how to get rid of unnecessary things for your home, we recommend that you review environment by environment and if it is not useful, discard it. In any case, you always have the option of using a deposit to store your important things.

4.- Get eye-catching pillowcases

If you do not find anything that attracts attention in your room, but at the same time, you don’t want to spend hundreds of soles on sets of sheets and blankets that give your bed the touch you are looking for. I have some advice for you! You should only buy some covers for your pillows (or maybe two) that have bright colors and that -in turn- match your room. It is important that here you can dare to choose colors that you would never have added to this environment, as they will help you improve its appearance.

5.- Generate space thanks to mirrors

If you were wondering how to decorate your small house with little money, this is the best advice you can find: use a lot of mirrors. But beware, not too many. You must use them in strategic points. You can hang it in your living room or side by side on the staircase or place them one on top of the other above a piece of furniture such as a dresser, library, or other. In this way, you will give your home the illusion of more space.

However, this is not the only tip to generate the feeling of spaciousness. In a previous article, we talked about how to make your small apartment look more spacious, and we mentioned that you could also get some multifunctional furniture, where you can store some things that take up space outside. Also, you can get some art for your empty walls. Yes, empty walls do not indicate space but rather a lack of creativity. Go for unconventional arts and add style to your home.

6.- Dare and paint a wall a different color

Don’t get overwhelmed painting your entire room. Here we have a home renovation idea to suggest to you. We recommend that you paint only one wall or – failing that – a corner. Choose an intense color, but one that inspires calm and order. You can start by painting the area where the bookshelf is located and calling it your reading area. Or also the area where a special piece of furniture is located. You choose.

7.- Stack your books

If your home is dedicated to reading, then it is key that you know how to organize your books. However, here is a trick you need to know, and that is that if you have some books that do not fit on your shelves or furniture, you can stack them on top of a nightstand or coffee table. This in order to subtly decorate your space. Also, you can use your ingenuity, like adding a candle or any decoration on top of the pile, and voila. Did you feel the difference?

8.- Eliminate the timeless

It happens in every home. They keep things from past seasons that will not currently serve them. Big mistake. As an example, we recommend that you do not store your winter clothes in your closet. Well, even though you have a special place for these clothes that you will wear the following season, think about how much you can do with this space? Maybe save some perfect shoes for the summer or some towels ready to go to the beach.